UK Clubs Championship: still time…

There’s just over a month to go until the fifth UK Clubs Championship, this year being held in Bristol – home of the reigning champions… and there is still time for you to assemble a team of five and take up the challenge of bringing home the Tutchings Trophy. Full details are here and we’ll be updating the lineup as the date approaches. Clubs not already represented will have priority in booking, but while we have had plenty of interest, you’re not in it for definite until you’ve paid the entry fee, so get your entries in now! Payment details are on the event page.
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London Open Final Report

The London Open Team
The London Open Team L to R: Jill Potter, Peter Bennet, Holly Lee, Raj Jansari, David Potter, Sean Williams (Photo: David Startin)

Thank you to everyone who helped make the UKBGF London Open 2015 such a huge success. We had over 120 players competing for a total prize pot in excess of £25,000 in the best backgammon venue in the country in the heart of one of the world’s great cities. We will be back bigger and better next year. Start thinking about booking your place now!

Full results below:
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The Backgammon London Open 2015: Saturday Update

115 players contested the London Open 2015 hoping to win one of the most coveted international titles in backgammon. Now only 8 players remain in the running.

At 10 a.m. Sunday morning Julian Minwalla will take on Tim Line, Andrew Gibson will play Wayne Joseph, Theodoros Dimarkis takes on John Hurst and Tim Cross will face Kenroy Brown.

The Professionals’ Tournament and the Hippodrome Cup are also (very nearly) down to the last 8 with the Quarter-Finals kicking off at 10 a.m.
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The Backgammon London Open 2015: Friday Update

A great start to the London Open weekend saw over 60 players take part in warm-up tournaments. A further 16 players kicked off the Super Jackpot. We are expecting 128 players today in the London Open.

In the Super Jackpot we are nearly down to the final 4. Plato Tserliagos takes on Andy Bell. Simon Barget will face either Aref Alipour or Georgios Papazoglou. They are playing for a prize fund of £8,000.

You can watch some of the first round commentated on by Raj Jansari here:
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The 2015 Backgammon London Open

Hippodrome Casino
The Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square

Update 8th May: For draw sheets see bottom of post

In just 72 hours the Backgammon London Open, once again looking like it will be one of the unmissable events on the UK backgammon calendar, will be under way at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square! All players should carefully read the important information below. Above all, be aware that to have a chance of winning the £2000 Geoffrey Parker voucher you must be a Premium Member of the UKBGF and you must also become a member of the Hippodrome.

Ten days ago the future of the London Open looked bleak. It has taken a monumental effort, and some financial risk but, since the UKBGF stepped in to organise and underwrite the event, support from the backgammon community, as well as from Geoffrey Parker Games, has been tremendous.

Coincidentally during this period UKBGF membership packages were launched and all players were invited to join. In less than a week more than 70 players have signed up as members – so if you haven’t already done so, please join via the online form NOW!
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