UK team for Budapest selected

Three weeks ago we started looking for a team to represent us at the 2nd European Team Backgammon Championships in Budapest. We could take a maximum of seven players, and there was substantial interest shown, both formal and informal, in representing the UK. This was whittled down to a shortlist of 8, and after a consultation process involving much debate, data analysis and a final gruelling 15pt play off match which went all the way to double-match-point, the final squad of 7 has been selected…

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Qualify for the UK Open – at the Liverpool Open

We’re delighted to announce that we have our first two qualifiers for the UK Open, who won their entries at the Blackpool Imperial Cup!

  • Jon Barnes wins a UK Open Masters Silver entry – worth £175
  • Brian Lever wins a UK Open Masters Bronze entry – worth £100


There is another spot on offer for everyone attending the Liverpool Open at the end of July, courtesy of the Liverpool Backgammon Club. It’s very simple:

  • Enter the Liverpool Open!
  • Then enter the UK Open Qualifying pool, which costs £5
  • If you win the Liverpool Open main tournament outright, you take home a Masters Gold entry worth £325 (including £25 registration).
  • Even if you don’t win outright, if you are the highest placed of everyone in the pool, you take home a Masters Silver entry worth £175 (including £25 registration).

A Silver winner will have the option to pay to upgrade to Gold if they wish, when they register at the UK Open. The prize does not include UKBGF membership. If you can’t make the UK Open – we will certainly miss you, but you can transfer the prize to a friend.


Club organisers: bring more players to your tournaments by including a UK Open qualifier! We would like to see qualifiers for the 2015 Open and future years to be held all around the country. Get in touch with us at and some of your players could be going to the Ricoh for free…


Last call for the Clubs Championship

Just a week to go to the UK Clubs Championship in Bristol and we now have thirteen paid-up teams ready to go. You can still join them but you will need to be quick – see here

And if you haven’t got a five-some, there’s still a chance to play – Chris Rogers and Paul Gilbertson are looking for three more to make up “Team UK” to fill one of the remaining spaces. As time is short these will go on a first-come-first-served basis to anyone who’s interested. Contact now!

Will they make it two in a row?

And don’t forget, even if you can’t make it to Bristol, there will be action this weekend as BackgammonAce host the Bristol Ace 2015 online tournament over the weekend 27-29th June. Simply visit the registration page in the BackgammonAce app and sign up, and you could win a premium UKBGF membership!

Video: Legal Rolling

In our first video, Jon Barnes talks about how to make sure all your rolls are legal… and answers the question of just how vigorous is “vigorous”.

Jon refers to the comprehensive UKBGF Rules, which you can find here, and specifically section 4.1.

In matches played without a baffle box a valid roll consists of the dice being shaken vigorously in a cup and then rolled out of the cup onto the playing surface of the board. During this process the dice should not touch the player’s hand and the cup should not touch the board. The dice must roll freely and come to rest lying flat on the playing surface of the board to the roller’s right of the bar. If this is not the case, the roll is deemed invalid and must be retaken.

The European Team Backgammon Championship 2015

Budapest, Hungary: 17-20th September 2015

Are you interested in representing the UK in this premier event?

The itinerary for the Team Backgammon Championship has now been finalised and many details can be found in the Event Invitation.

The event is organised by the EUBGF (European Backgammon Federation) in conjunction with the HUBGF (Hungarian Backgammon Federation) and as the UKBGF is a member association of the EUBGF, we are entitled to enter a team to represent the UK.

You will note that there are other non-team events organised for players as well which will be open to everybody including players playing for their national federation teams.

We are taking expressions of interest from anybody that is interested in representing the UKBGF in the team event. The only criteria are that you have to be a UK citizen or permanent resident, as well as a member of the UKBGF.

Once the number of interested members has been established, we will either formulate a team directly (if 4-7 players have expressed interest) or run a full, fair and transparent selection system to establish a team (if more than 7 players have expressed interest).

The team captain will be selected by the UKBGF board in direct consultation with all the team members.

Please note that players will need to pay their own share of all entry, registration and accommodation fees as the UKBGF will not be subsidising the event.

If you are interested, please make sure that you are available on the dates and contact Raj Jansari at as soon as possible.