UKBGF – The Future

Sean Williams at the 2014 UK Open

Sean Williams at the 2014 UK Open (Photo: David Startin)

Dear Backgammon Player,

The newly elected board of the UKBGF (the “Board”)  has agreed a set of objectives that we want to achieve over the next two years. These are reproduced at the bottom of this post.

We will not be able to achieve these objectives without your support.
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It’s all ’bout them points

The author playing Steve Carder outside The Drawing Room in Chesham

The author playing Steve Carder outside The Drawingroom in Chesham

I should have felt happier….I had just won £110 after a lovely evening playing Backgammon in one of many jackpots hosted and run by Gill and Chris Bray at their annual Christmas Tournament in the sumptuous surroundings of their club in Roehampton, South-West London.  Ordinarily, this victory would have led to the perfect evening but I felt empty.  Undefeated, how could it be that I felt such dissatisfaction after winning three tough matches….?

It hit me on the drive home as a song came on the radio which I started to sing along to.  Even though I had crisp winnings in my pocket this is what I sang:
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UKBGF Election Results


Four weeks of voting came to an end on Sunday night at 10pm, and the turnout exceeded two hundred and fifty players – many more than had been predicted, even by some of the candidates!

After careful scrutiny of all the votes I can declare the result as follows:
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2014 UKBGF Elections Launched!


Voting is now Open, and will close at 10pm GMT on 14th December.

Fifteen candidates await your votes; seven of these will be elected:

Jon Barnes
Peter Bennet
Michelle Ford
Julia Hayward
Raj Jansari
Tim Line
Eric Maillebiau
Roxanna Maynard
Eric McAlpine
Simon Morecroft
Jason Pack
Graham Read
Tariq Siddiqi
Ian Tarr
Sean Williams

Each of these players has decided to stand for election to the UKBGF Board and you can read all their self-nomination statements on the Elections page.

Voting is now open, so when you are ready to cast your votes, click here to be transferred to SurveyMonkey.

 Individual votes are not public and will never be made public; however the election arbiter (Julian Fetterlein) has access to voter submissions for verification purposes.

Please Note:
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Finalised UKBGF Election Process

As a result of feedback received from players about the proposed voting process for the new UKBGF board, a number of changes have been made.  The final amended process is described below.

As previously announced, following the success of the 2014 UK Open the current UKBGF board feel that the time is right to move to a 100% elected federation. We want the UKBGF to be fully democratic and to be owned and represented by its members. The new UKBGF Board will decide the future constitution of the organisation, membership criteria, dues and all other aspects of the UKBGF although it is initially envisaged that the first elected board will sit for two years. The following process and timetable will be used to elect the new UKBGF board…
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