About Time…


Guest contributor and UKBGF member Julian Minwalla argues for a change in the ‘standard’ clock settings

If you’re like me, you’ll look forward to big tournaments as an opportunity to play your very best backgammon. This is the time to draw on all your experience and preparation and play to the best of your ability. So you’ll be approaching your matches with a will to win, a high degree of focus and concentration, and will be thinking deeply about strategy, positional play and tactics. This is the kind of backgammon that takes you “into the zone”; that state of mind that’s hard to describe, but very familiar to competitive backgammon players. At least that’s how it should be.
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New in the Members Area…

New this week… Simon Barget shares reminiscences about a long and varied career in backgammon.

This is 1982 and I’m in Bournemouth’s East Cliff playing klubyush with my grandfather. It is a trick-based card game with trumps like in bridge, whose name I still don’t know how to pronounce let alone spell. My grandmother’s in the kitchen baking her third ginger cake, obviously. I have to decide which card to play and I stop for a moment and think. I subconsciously twig to a key component in strategy; taking the time to do the right thing, devoting mental energy in the moment to try to figure out which card to play. I play the right or wrong one and he lets me win. The prize is 50p or an irrevocable trip to the Crazy Golf, not the Mini Golf on East Cliff but the Crazy Golf with all the ridiculous garish obstacles.

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Sunshine and backgammon…

…are not always the first things you connect, but last weekend players turned out at eleven locations around the UK for our first al fresco event Backgammon In The Sun 2015. Several organisers must have had their nerves tested by some overnight rain and uncertain forecasts, but on the day we were duly rewarded with a gloriously warm afternoon.

Play underway at Azuza Coffee House, Bristol

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UKBGF Rules Update and Drafting

Update coming soon

Over the last eighteen months the UKBGF has taken up the project of drafting a comprehensive set of Rules for tournament backgammon. I studied various existing sets of rules from around the world and eventually decided to base our version on the Danish Backgammon Federation (DBgF) rules. Our current version of the Rules is available to view on the UKBGF website.

From the outset we decided to publish the Rules openly and advertise the fact globally in order to receive as much comprehensive review, comment, criticism and feedback as possible. Our current version of the Rules, Edition 1.2, took into account all of the feedback received following the publication of Edition 1.1.

However, the Rules are a living work always open to improvement over time, as backgammon itself evolves and ideas change. Since Edition 1.2 of the Rules was published in September 2014, we have received even more feedback and the Rules are going to be further updated in the near future.
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