UK Open Format Announced

Format announced - if it’s good enough for the Nordic....

UK Open Format – if it’s good enough for the Nordic….

Last Qualifier with TWO SEAT giveaway!

Stop Press: more rooms now available at the DeVere Hotel….

The 2014 UK Open next month will follow the double-elimination format of the Nordic Open. Eight quarter-finalists will emerge by the close of play on the Saturday: four from the ‘Undefeated’ bracket and four from the ‘Fighters’ bracket. Match lengths and other details are now shown on the Format and Schedule page. Meanwhile in just one week’s time, on Saturday 23rd August, the last in the series of Grosvenor qualifiers at the G Casino in Newcastle will be giving away TWO SEATS for the Championship flight. To enter this Qualifier, register with the casino by email.
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New UKBGF Tournament Rules Adopted

The UKBGF rules

The UKBGF is now publishing a set of rules (download here) to be used at the 2014 UK Open next month as well as at future UKBGF-sanctioned tournaments. These are based on the current Danish Backgammon Federation (DBgF) Tournament Rules, but with many amendments and a few additions. This document is the result of many drafts and much time spent by Raj Jansari and other UKBGF committee members. It is of course a living document, and we are open to sensible suggestions for improvement.
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London Open 2014 – Match Analysis

Hippodrome Casino

Raj Jansari v Sean Casey

These are some thoughts from my second round match against Sean Casey in the recent London Open 2014 Professionals’ Tournament on 10th May 2014 at the London Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square.

The match was recorded and live-streamed with commentary by Falafel and Marcus Wrinch. I obviously couldn’t hear what the commentators were saying at the time but I watched the video of the match a couple of days later (you can find it here if interested). Because of the strength of feeling of the expert comments about some of my moves I felt that I must have played terribly so undertook the game transcription into XG hoping to learn from my deemed mistakes (the match file can be found here). There were definitely quite a few mistakes and some areas in which to improve, but in fact I was quite surprised at everything I actually learned… [Read more...]

Countdown to the UK Open

Roll-up backgammon board

Professional Roll –Up Boards for Novice Winners

In a little under four months backgammon players from around the UK – plus a good few from overseas – will converge on the Legends Lounge at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for the first UK Open. Thanks to our sponsor Geoffrey Parker Games Ltd, two beautiful Professional Roll-up backgammon boards, (similar to the one illustrated) are among the prizes to be won in the Beginners events. Added money from another sponsor, Grosvenor Casinos, has been allocated to both the Championship and Intermediate flights.
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Grosvenor Qualifiers Reach Halfway Stage

Keep Calm We're Halfway There

Favourites trip up in Manchester and Bristol

Seventy-four more players tried for the cheap route into the 2014 UK Open by entering the most recent qualifiers at Grosvenor Casinos in Didsbury, Manchester (March 15th) and Bristol (April 6th).

Whereas Brighton and London followed the form book, the favourites in the finals of these recent events didn’t quite make it over the finishing line. In Manchester, Brian Lever managed to pull back to DMP after going down 0-6 to Bob Slater, only to have his hopes dashed in the final game. Well done Bob!
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