UKBGF to run the 2015 London Open!


Dear Backgammon Player,

The UKBGF has not been involved in any way with the Backgammon London Open 2015 apart from promoting it on our website at the organiser’s request as we would be happy to promote any other significant British backgammon event.

The news that it might be cancelled was received with dismay by the UKBGF at the same time and in the same manner that it was received by the rest of the backgammon world.

The recent history of the London Open is that two years ago Sean Williams took it over from Mike Main. He grew the tournament from 32 players to one that last year boasted 160 players from around the world, was hosted at the prestigious and central location of the Hippodrome Casino, had a prize fund in excess of £40,000 and produced some of the best live backgammon television footage ever produced.

Due to other commitments this year (including being on the board of directors of the UKBGF) Sean reluctantly stepped away from the London Open and Graham Read took it over. For reasons that are not as yet fully ascertained, this has not worked out as any of us would have hoped.

Despite being in no way responsible for the cancellation, the UKBGF does believe that it has a general responsibility to British backgammon and has taken the decision to take over and underwrite the Backgammon London Open 2015 and therefore the event will go ahead as originally planned but under the entirely new management of the UKBGF (Sean Williams, Peter Bennet, Raj Jansari, Ian Tarr, Simon Morecroft, Jon Barnes and Eric McAlpine).
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Two giants put through their paces

When I was a teenager, every school I knew had a chess club – and not a single one had a backgammon club. And unsurprisingly there was a dearth of good players my age once I’d started playing. That’s turning around now as schools start to embrace backgammon as both a social pastime and a good way to learn important ideas about probability, statistics and the like – and for us it represents the start of the next generation of leading players. And what better way to fire up the youngsters than a visit from not one but two Giants?

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How much is the cube worth?

It’s widely known that being in possession of the cube is an advantage. But just how much is that advantage worth? Is it enough to get an edge over the No. 1 Backgammon Giant in the world? And if you knew you had it to yourself from the start, would it change your strategy?


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Come to the 2015 UK Clubs Championship

We are delighted to announce that you can now enter the 2015 UK Clubs Championship. This unique one-day event pits teams of five players against each other in groups, similar to the World Cup, with the top teams in each group qualifying for the main knockout phase, and all other teams in a consolation knockout – guaranteeing at least four games for everyone. There are cash prizes for the winners and runners-up in both flights plus the Tutchings Trophy – named after Phil Tutchings, who was instrumental in creating and running the event in past years.

Holders Bristol A - Roland Herrera, Marcus Wrinch, Paul Gilbertson, Gaz Owen and Julian Fetterlein
Bristol A 2013 – Roland Herrera, Marcus Wrinch, Paul Gilbertson, Gaz Owen and Julian Fetterlein

We are hoping to get teams from across the UK taking part – we will accept your club’s B and even C teams if space permits, but there is a strict limit of sixteen teams and preference will be given to different clubs. Don’t delay if you want to enter! Full details are available from the event page.

Pictured above are holders Bristol A, who won the 2013 final against 2011 champions St Albans A.

Win your way to the UK Open

The 2015 calendar is already building up a pretty comprehensive selection of tournaments, and we are now delighted to announce that the Blackpool Imperial Cup will also feature as the first Qualifier tournament for the UK Open 2015.

For just £10 entry fee, the Qualifier offers this package for the winner:

  • Registration and entry into the Masters Silver flight at the UK Open (worth at least £175)
  • plus £50 cash
  • plus an official UKBGF polo shirt

The runner-up will also find themselves off to the Ricoh in September with:

  • Registration and entry into the Masters Bronze flight at the UK Open (worth at least £100)

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